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Station Industrial Estate, Middleton in Teesdale
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Willowbog Bonsai


When Peter Snart of Willowbog Bonsai contacted us about providing an entrance gate with a difference we knew we'd have to get creative. Peter takes up the story...

For some time the Proprietor and myself have wanted a new gate at the entrance to Willowbog Farm, the home of Willowbog Bonsai. We were having the gate made specially so we wanted something a little bit different. 

We had seen some of the work of Middleton Forge and been impressed by what we saw, so we asked them to come up with a design that incorporated some sort of tree motif. Middleton Forge came up with most of the design with ourselves just making some vague suggestions of what we were looking for. 

We are absolutely delighted with the result! Not only is the gate, together with the pair of fixed panels, beautifully made and finished but the whole thing was meticulously installed by Andrew and Trevor, our thanks to them. Lovely detail in the branches.

Our grateful thanks to all the team at Middleton Forge for this great job!

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