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Station Industrial Estate, Middleton in Teesdale
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Hitachi Rail Europe


Steel fabricator, Middleton Forge, has been working closely with Hitachi Rail to help build on its sustainable supply chain. The companies previously worked together on the build of Hitachi’s Rail Vehicle Manufacturing Facility in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham.

 The seats used in Hitachi Rail’s new trains, that are being built at the facility, are manufactured in Spain and transported to the UK by road. Neil Wallace, Managing Director at Middleton Forge, has worked closely with the team at Hitachi Rail over the past few months to refine the design and manufacture of collapsible steel stillages to be used for the transportation of the seats. This has involved many manufacturing revisions to perfect the design so that it provides the safest and most efficient means of transportation. The introduction of these new stillages results in minimal waste and eliminates the need for single use crates, pallets and strapping.

 This series of images shows the manufacturing, transportation and the storage of the stillages, with and without seats.

Matthew Liversedge, Packaging and Waste Analyst at Hitachi Rail, said: 

It’s been great to work collaboratively with Middleton Forge to come up with an effective solution to reduce waste. We’re looking forward to working with them on similar projects in the future

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