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Station Industrial Estate, Middleton in Teesdale
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New Hoarding Design Trialled in 'Windy City'


If you've visited Consett you'll be aware that, at about 900ft above sea level, the town has it's own 'micro climate' which includes a bracing wind.

We recently collaborated with Kier Construction to design, supply and install hoarding to the perimeter of a new Morrisons supermarket site which would withstand the extreme conditions. The system also had to be surface mounted as the car park surface was to be left undamaged.

The traditional ballasted systems using numerous concrete blocks on loading trays was dismissed due to the risk of blocks being 'borrowed' for other uses as the scheme progressed, leaving the hoarding in an unsafe condition. The system developed included the use of 1500 kg 'lego' blocks and 200x100 stress graded timber posts which were quickly positioned using our lorry mounted block grab. Avoiding post hole excavation reduced the risk to our installers from service strikes and hand arm vibration through the use of power tools. Our 'flush cut' box profiled steel panels were decorated in the client's colours which has at least given that part of Consett a sunny appearance! Once the new supermarket is built the hoarding will be dismantled and re erected around the existing store which is due for demolition. 

We will be using a similar design on a new scheme for Mansell Construction in the near future. Watch this space!

The clients were very pleased with the results. Kiers Project Manager, Steve Lynn said:

We worked with Middleton Forge on a difficult scheme which was to design, supply and erect a solid hoarding system. One of the challenges of the project was the hoarding had to be ballasted and was under high wind loadings due to its location. Working alongside Neil and Phil we designed a concrete ballasted system which was easy to install and quick to erect. The hoarding was erected within a busy retail park environment safely and efficiently, with no complaints from the park management or public during this period. The quality of the completed hoarding gives the site a secure and professional image, which has been given the seal of approval by both senior management and our client.

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