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Station Industrial Estate, Middleton in Teesdale
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New Canopy for Newcastle International Airport


We have been involved in the construction of a new premium canopy at Newcastle International Airport on behalf of main contractor BCE Northern Ltd. It was a technically challenging project with strict engineering tolerances, which were necessary to ensure subsequent glazing and roof construction were as trouble-free as possible. In spite of a few complications along the way, close co-operation between the MF team, led by Operational Manager David Longstaff, and BCE staff helped achieve a visually impressive addition to this busy airport.

BCE’s Managing Director, Adrian Barton, had this to say…

We are proud to have delivered this impressive architecturally appealing structure to enhance the entrance for visitors to the international airport.

Our long standing working relationship with the team at Middleton Forge and proactive approach from the design detailing to the installation have contributed greatly to the success of this project.

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