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Station Industrial Estate, Middleton in Teesdale
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Grey Fence Leads to Grey Hairs


We recently completed the installation of fencing and gates at a major new building project in the region. Unfortunately we are not allowed to reveal any details for security reasons but the work was carried out for one of our regular major construction company clients.

The fencing system is based on standard 358 ‘prison mesh’ but is double skinned with two panels at 90 degrees to each other. These were overlapped on each post requiring fixing through no fewer than four thicknesses of mesh. This was a new system, not only to us but also to our supplier CLD Fencing Systems. We also designed, manufactured and installed some large louvered steel gates. These were an alternative to the brand specified initially and resulted in a significant cost saving to the client.

Installation was challenging to say the least and a combination of an untried fencing system, poor weather and site conditions and a demanding program led to frayed nerves for installers and lost sleep for our management team. However, the main contract was completed on time and with minimal snagging on our part and we’re happy that it’s a (difficult) ‘job well done’.

We like to include a glowing client quotation in our news articles but on this occasion we’ve had to settle for...

.......... You got there in the end

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